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Lorenzo Gestri is a 3D artist and this page contains his own personal projects exclusively.

Following his creative nature, he started his studies at the “Istituto F. Datini” college in Prato, graduating in Graphic Design. His geeky passion for sci-fi genre has lead him to carry on his studies at the NABA Academy in Milan, where he developed 3D graphic skills exploring subjects like Cinematography, Motion Graphic and Sound Design. Few shortmovies have been directed by him (including a full feature film in 3D animation), contributing in other projects in roles such as Visual Effects Artist and occasionally as a soundtrack composer.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Media Design with the highest honours, he decided to pursue his dream to work in the United Kingdom. He developed his skills at Escape Studios in London and he has worked for 5 years in a transport design company as a 3D artist, developing visuals and occasionally commercials for high profile clients. Occasionally he dabbles in freelance projects and independent films.

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