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Astronero Time traveller

"AstroNero" (litterally "Black Star") is a one-man-band musical project of Lorenzo Gestri. In September 2012 it has been released the first EP "Time Traveller", a 40 mins instrumental Symphonic Metal album. The cover artwork refers to the Gabriel project, merging steampunk elements in a gothic style tipical of the large decorated glasses of the gothic churches.


01. Time Traveller
02. Legend of-the Twilight Sword
03. Warrior's Cry
04. Winternight
05. Remembrances
06. [Trilogy I] The Name of the Rose
07. [Trilogy II] Narcissus's Syndrome
08. [Trilogy III] The Daytime Dreamer and the Phoenix

3DSMax Photoshop

Lorenzo Gestri

Main Composer, Lead Keyboards, Orchestra:

Lorenzo Gestri

Guitar, Bass, Drums:

Francesco Romeggini


Sanjeya Cooray

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