EXO92 Exoplanets

EXO92 is a Visual Art project born with the partnership between Marco Furlanetto and Lorenzo Gestri, an ambitious 3D Artist duo based in Milan and London. With EXO92 we aim to convert astronomical data into CG images/videos to satisfy the human imagination!

Here the list of the planets developed and the links to buy their clips, available in 4k, Full HD and HD (perfect for documentaries and conferences):

Draugr Planet

Draugr is a small rocky exoplanet orbiting around the Pulsar Star PSR B1257+12, approximately 2,300 light years away in the Virgo constellation.

BUY "Draugr" Clip-01 BUY "Draugr" Clip-02
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Gliese124b Planet

Gliese1214b is an ocean planet orbiting around the habitable zone of the red dwarf Gliese1214, approximately 47 light years away in the constellation Ophiuchus.

BUY "Gliese 1214 B" Clip-01 (No Orbit) BUY "Gliese 1214 B" Clip-01
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47 Ursae Majoris b Planet

47 Ursae Majoris b is a gas giant exoplanet orbiting around the yellow dwarf 47 Ursae Majoris (also known as "Chalawan"), approximately 46 light years away in the constellation of Ursa Major.

BUY "47 Ursae Majoris C" Clip-01 BUY "47 Ursae Majoris C" Clip-02
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BUY "47 Ursae Majoris C" Clip-05 BUY "47 Ursae Majoris C" Clip-01 (Telescopio)


Modelling, Materials, Animation, Cameras

Lorenzo Gestri, Marco Furlanetto


Lorenzo Gestri


Marco Furlanetto