Hyperball [Pokèball Edition 2018]

What would Pokèmon look like in the real world? This question led me to imagine how my favourite Pokèmon could possibly look like in real life, leading me to another question: how would a Pokèball look like in a real contest?

In a summer evening, travelling across the country by coach, I had fun coming up and sketching possible design ideas. The result was the restyle of the Pokèball: the HyperBall. The urge to go back to "the old good times" when I was a Pokèmon Trainer, prevailed on me once again.

Focusing on the exterior design, I had to consider (as a former trainer) what could possibly be needed from a similar tool. This is how I came up with the idea to add a LCD screen on the top shell to visualize the Pokèmon’s stats (energy, skills, attacks, level) and information (species, type, evolution stage). Remembering the trade system on the Gameboy with other players, it was necessary to have a cable port to exchange or transfer Pokèmon from one ball to another and let’s not forget that I needed to add a recharge port for the docking stations available at the Pokèmon Centre.

But determining the exterior features wasn't enough. Wondering how a similar ball could be like inside ended me up inevitably to investigate on the internal components too, defining most of the components functions of stocking, catching, charging and connection. Eventually, there was so much to show and explain that I decided to dedicate to it a product shot to introduce every detail and feature.

Who knows if Professor Oak would be proud of this work!


Concept, Modelling, Materials, Lighting, Animation, Rendering

Lorenzo Gestri

Photo Model Pokèmon Trainer

Lorenzo Gestri

Photos Pokèmon Trainer

Paolo Torracchi