Lion Door Knocker

This bronze lion head-shaped door knocker was originally meant to be a simple still image exercise to learn the software Maya, improving my shading and lighting skills. But later, I decided to record a brief video for this subject at the deconsecrated San Vitale Church in Pistoia, Italy. The main character of the scene, Paolo Contini, pretends to caress the Lion door knocker humorously as if it was a pet... but the door knocker soon shows his disapproval!

The door knocker was entirely modelled, textured and animated in Maya. With the help of some blue tag balls on the door of the church, it was possible to record the markers for the tracking process done in PFTrack. Eventually, the renders were composited in Foundry Nuke. My colleague and friend Marco Castellani did the rotoscoping work on Paolo's hand.


Modelling, Materials, Lighting, Tracking, Rendering, Compositing

Lorenzo Gestri