Church Organ at the Natural History Museum

The first time I went to the Natural History Museum of London I've been struck by the eclectic style of the entrance hall. The arcs on the ceiling and the long central nave were making me feel like I was visiting a sorto of weird church; a perfect place where to place one of my favourite music instruments: the Church Organ. The same day of the shooting I've positioned a chrome ball on one of the pillars of the main stair in order to chatch the reflections and the lighting of the enviroment.

To make it as much convincing as possible, I've used as reference different famous Organs in the world and tried to mix them, designing it ad hoc for the main hall of the museum. Modeling, texturing and rendering of the instrument have been done in Maya, as well as all the patches used to re-build the wall and the stairs where the real people were stainding. Tracking processed in PFTrack and compositing done in Nuke. Little bits of rotoscope have been done in After Effects.


Modelling, Materials, Lighting, Tracking, Rendering, Compositing

Lorenzo Gestri