Zeitgeist, Dieselpunk Speeder


Zeitgeist. Literally "The spirit of time": an ideal name for a vehicle belonging to a time that never happened.

In 2015 Paolo Torracchi (photographer and shortmovies director) had started the pre-production of a sci-fi shortmovie about time paradoxes and dystopias. Given that the plot take place in a nazist themed uchronia, I've been asked to design futuristic props and the vehicles reminding the main motif.

Among the vehicles designed, the main character's personal vehicle (a speeder) resulted to be the most successfull; wicked, small enough to be practical to move around, but still refined enough to look like a sportive model. And although the whole project of the shortmovie never seen the light of the day, the needing to convert these sketches into 3D renders was too strong.

This concept revolves around the mix of a futuristic look with a retro taste, offering the seriousness and hardness typical of the german vehicles's design of the '40s and -imagining how the trasport design would have developed in this alternative timeline- the curvy and dynamic design distinguishing the american cars and trains during the '50s and '60s. In all respects, it could perfectly fall within the aesthetic that has been described as Dieselpunk, a close relative of the victorian Steampunk and the far more famous gothic Cyberpunk.

In order to visually distinguish the main character's trasfort from the rest of the other aircrafts, it has been designed also few alternative editions of the same model. From the initial elegant and sporty concept -named as "ZeitGeist Kavalier"- it has designed also a battle version, equiped with machine guns and an exposed engine, called "ZeitGeist Kriegsherr".

For the first set of pictures about the "Kavalier" concept, I have carry out a whole human body model photogrammetry in order to integrate a pilot in the scene. As a final touch, this collection of images has been converted from classic rendering to oil paintings.


Concept, Modelling, Rigging, Animation, Materials, Lighting, Rendering

Lorenzo Gestri