Gabriel Ø, Steampunk SideCar

One of the most favourite artworks ever, this Steampunk trike has been published on few magazines like Autoevolution and Trike Magazine.

The roots of project Gabriel Ø date back to February 2010, when Lorenzo has a nightmare. The protagonist of his terrifying dream is a curious motorcycle, which Lorenzo decides to make a sketch of just for fun. The original drawings lay the ground for the development of the future Gabriel project. Upon seeing the sketches, Lorenzo’s friend and colleague Marco encourages him to use computer graphics and make them into 3D images.

Lorenzo starts then working on a complex 3D model, while Marco contributes to the enhancement of the passenger section. Both of them eventually focuses on shading and illumination as well as the rendering of the images.

The design of the motorcycle is deeply influenced by steampunk culture, an artistic movement encompassing literature, fashion, cinema, music and product design. Steampunk is a subgenre of sci-fi that merges modern technology and Victorian atmospheres in a fantasy world filled with anachronistic mechanical creations.

Therefore, the way this sidecar is supposed to work is anything but conventional. The mathematical symbol Ø (zero or empty set) was added to the name to further highlight the impossibility to reproduce a similar vehicle in real life.

The name Gabriel evokes the well-known archangel, who has served as the inspiration for the design of several elements such as the silver head at the front, the prominent horn the reminds of a celestial trumpet, the tailpipes shaped as angelic feathers and the front grid featuring two arms holding the headlight as if it was the biblical flaming sword.

The other interesting feature is the big wheel on the passenger module(sidecar) which was loosely inspired by the first models of monowheel from the the beginning of the 20th century, like the one designed by M.Goventosa , an Italian inventor who presented his prototype in Paris in the Thirties.

The Gabriel Ø appears not only in the 3D images created by Lorenzo and Marco (including the one in which the designers are pictured alongside their creation), but also on the cover of AstroNero’s EP.

On 2016 Trike Magazine release an article about the project. The following year, Lorenzo and Marco develop a video around the motorbyke.


Concept Design, Modelling, Materials, Animation , Cameras, Compositing

Lorenzo Gestri

Modelling, Materials, Lighting, Cameras

Marco Furlanetto


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